Permit To Work

The Permit To Work or PTW System is an essential segment of safe system of work and doubles as a management of work activities, including non-routine work.

PTW is an important element of an effective and efficient work safety and health management system. It is a formal authorisation system incorporated into organisations to ensure safety procedures are observed or taken before and during operations.

PEER’s PTW has 3 stages, namely, application of PTW, Prerequisites and Daily Checklists. The stages are required to ensure that safety procedures and necessary checks are not skipped over 




Applicant will be required to fill in the Location of work, Operation carried out, Equipment required and duration of work. Operation Dependent Checklists will then require routing to relevant personnel


Applicant will then have to upload the Prerequisite, consisting of Letter Of Appointment(LOA), Risk Assessment(RA) and Safe Work Procedures(SWP). The Prerequisite will be routed to an Assessor to be checked and approved. Approval must be achieved before the Prerequisites can be attached to the Permit To Work, which is a necessary step before any further segments of the PTW can be carried out. This ensures that safety procedures before the operations begin is observed and any risks is noted along with precautions planned for said risks.

Operations may also include their own Prerequisites For instance, Lifting Operations may include a crane registration to be completed and attached before daily work can begin

Once all the prerequisites are submitted and approved, the ToolBox Meeting form can be attached, followed by an approved Operation Dependent Checklist before the main PTW form can be drafted for assessment. Once the main PTW form is drafted for assessment, the status of the PTW will change to pending. The assessed main PTW form will then be routed to an approver to be checked again. The Status of the PTW will change to approved when the approver have checked and approved of the entire PTW, allowing for work to begin. 


PTW is applicable to any industry which requires a rigorous prerequisites safety checks, especially works with high risks involved such as oil and gas, energy and construction industry

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