Quality Assurance

        Site Inspection                ●            RE/RTO Inspection   

However careful one try to be, it is inevitable that some unfortunate or unforeseen events will occur. Consistent and crystal clear record of procedure on PEER will facilitate in efficient and effective investigations when such incidents happens, allowing for quick actions to be taken, preventing similar accidents from happening.


 Site Inspection


Site Inspections allows company’s internal inspectors to carry out checks on the quality of the work produced by contractors

The company’s Inspector may utilise the Site Inspection module to carry out an inspection based on the scope of work carried out. For instance, an inspection on the satisfactory level of the concrete work carried out by a contractor. The Inspector will raise the relevant checklists and state the satisfactory level of the deliverables before routing it to a Project Engineer for approvals. The Project Engineer can then approve the process if he deems the quality is assured. Otherwise, a rejection will require rectifications to be carried out before a resubmission of the form.

RE/RTO Inspection

Re/RTO Inspection, Safety

The RE/RTO Inspection module further allows Project Engineers & Technical Officers to conduct a consistent check on the material and technical segment of the project site. Inspectors will fill in information such as locations, inspection scopes and attach relevant documents.

Corrective actions will then be routed to responsible personnel to be carried out.

The responsible personnel will be notified through PEER to rectify until compliance is achieved.