Site Inspection

Site Inspection is an internal inspection to determine the and ensure the satisfactory level of the deliverables

Site inspections is essential to making sure that the quality assurance of the contractor’s work are met with proper standards, ensuring our client’s deliverables satisfy their project demands and expectations

1. Raising Inspections

Inspector will be required to choose the relevant checklists to be raised 

2. Quality Check Process

Inspector will then need to fill in the Location and upload relevant files before carrying out the quality check process, stating satisfactory levels. Once completed, checklists will be routed to Project Engineers to appraise

3. Rectifications

Project Engineers may reject the quality check if standards are not met, providing remarks for rectifications to be carried out. The checklists can then be resubmitted once rectifications are completed. 


Site Inspections can be carried out in almost every industry, from manufacturing to maintenance and constructions where deliverables qualities are essential

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