Administrative Features

Enhance Security, QOL & support with WSH PEER

System Security
Protect your data
Account 2 Factor Authentication
Role Based Access Control
Inactive Account Suspension
System User Management
Quality of Life Features
Simplifying things
Individual task tracking page
Multi Language Support
Responsive Design
Browser Based Web Application
One-time data setup for all projects
Manpower information record
Telegram notification
Providing assistance whenever
Online Helpdesk with instructions & Media visualisations
Ticketing System for non-urgent assistance
Whatsapp group for assistance & announcements
Emergency contact

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily! However, to comply to ISO 27001, it is necessary and safer!

As PEER is a web-based, responsive designed application, PEER can be accessible on almost every platform such as mobile phone, laptops, tablets & PC as long as a web browser is installed and internet connection is available!


Definitely! We are able to customize the message to showcase whichever details to be sent