Confined Space Entry/Work Operation Checklist

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Confined Space Entry/Work Operation Checklist

A 4 part checklist to be conducted to ensure safe confined space entry

The checklist conducts a documentation check such as permit from relevant authorities, certification of involved personnel, rescue plan& HSSERIA briefings, PPE records along with proper trainings given.

Pre-ops chcks such as isolation/diversion of existing services, de-energising of mechanical & electrical energy, ventilation of confined space, safe access/egress planned for operation and several other pre-ops checks are required by the checklist.

A check on rescue plan such as designation, training and preparation of rescue personnel have been carried out, safety equipments availability and emergency vehicles' entry are not obstructed are enforced by this checklist.

Lastly, the checklist documents the atmospheric rtest record and the information of the confined space safety assessor

Once completed, this form should be assessed and approved before attachment to the PTW

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