Work At Height (WAH) Operation Checklist

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Work At Height (WAH) Operation Checklist

The work at height operation checklist is a 3 part checklist which conducts a check on documentation, anchorage lines and physical checks on the WAH operation

THE WAH operaton checklist enforces the briefings of fall prevention plans, HSSERIA & Safe work procedures (SWP). The checklist also conduct a checks on the availability of WAH's related PPE and inspections of the PPE. Other documentation check such as competency certifications along with application & approval of PTW for work above 2 meters are also required by this checklist.

Anchorage/Anchorage line system checks such as certifications & authorised providers checks along with proper anchorage line inspection register documentation by authorised personnel are required by this checklist as well

Further physical checks on PPE, Edge protection systems, fall prevention systems, fall arrest systems and environment of WAH operations are enforced by the checklist.

Once completed, it should be routed for approval before attachment to a PTW

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