Why Is Safety Management System Important In Every Industry?

Why Is Safety Management System Important In Every Industry?

However careful one tries to be, it is inevitable that some unfortunate or unforeseen events will occur. Based on their activities, each industry faces different risks, and every company always prioritizes the safety of their workers. A safety management system provides a systematic way to continuously identify and monitor hazards and control risks while maintaining assurance that these risk controls are effective.

In terms of safety management, the system is designed to ensure that every activity is done in a safe manner, with the right protocols, safe equipment, and by the correct personnel, as well as that all risks and hazards have already been considered and a prevention plan has already been prepared.


WSH-PEER is a powerful and efficient safety management system made specifically to support the management of workplace safety and health. 

Here are some of the safety features on WSH-PEER :


  • Permit To work

Permit To Work (PTW) is an important element for an effective and efficient work safety and health management system. Permit to Work ensures that High-Risk Works are carried out with proper procedures and by capable workers with potential risks and hazards already taken into account.

  • Safety Checklists

There are hundreds of checklists you can use in WSH-PEER, safety checklists give you a platform to make sure all of the safety elements are right.


  • Equipment Checklists

One of the biggest factors of workplace injury is equipment malfunction. With WSH-PEER’s equipment checklist, we can make sure that the equipment is in normal working condition before we use it. The equipment will be less likely to malfunction while we are using it.

  • Equipment Maintenance Schedule

One of the reasons of equipment malfunction is we forgot to maintain our equipment. With WSH-PEER we can schedule our equipment maintenance and the related personnel will get notified when it’s time to maintenance. Maintenance histories and more can be checked as well. 


  • Inspection

Last but not least is inspection. Our inspection system allows us to carry out a thorough scan of not only the documents and checklists that have been submitted, but also the way the personnel carry out the work to ensure that every safety procedure has been followed perfectly. 


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WSH-PEER provide you a complete safety management system applicable to any industry with tons of features, web based , and easy to use system. committed to Bringing Digitizing Paperwork to the next level. WSH PEER is not just digitizing the form to be able to do online, but also have some added intelligence involved like prompting the next user for action. watch

WSH-PEER is all in one solution for your workplace safety and health packed with so many modules like Permit To Work, Site Inspection, HSSE inspection, RE/RTO Inspection, Project Management and more. WSH-PEER aims to ensure a better and safer work. Check out all features Here

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