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What is the WSH PEER Certified Partner Program?

The Workplace Safety and Health Management Systems (WSH-PEER) are a systematic process for managing workplace safety and health.

As a PEER Certified Partner, you will take a leading role in promoting workplace health and safety management systems in various industries, such as mining, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, and chemical engineering.

Our partnership could offer in consultancy services, customization, training, audits, and specific workplace safety and health topics. This will help us expand PEER’s impact while building long-term partnerships with our global customer base.

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Risk Mangement

WSH-PEER is reliable to handle for total risk management solutions; this includes comprehensive hazard identification as well as an in-depth evaluation of all potential risks or regulatory compliance requirements based on industry standards among others.

Permit-to-Work (PTW) Systems

WSH-PEER Permit-to-Work (PTW) systems make sure that all necessary safety checks are in place before any work begins, ensuring that onsite activities are carried out safely and smoothly.

Support and Training

WSH-PEER Certified Partners and Service Providers provide a wide array of paid support and training services to guarantee the successful execution also the continuous running of occupational workplace safety and management in PEER platform.

Benefits of WSH-PEER Partner

Global Marketing Presence

Get usage rights for the WSH PEER Certified Partner trademark logos. Benefit from co-branding on PEER’s official websites and marketing collateral

Exclusive Training and Support

Get advanced preview and presentation of new products and features for PEER’s major software releases and communicate directly with PEER HQ.

Lead Generation

Get access to the PEER Partner Portal; a dedicated partner profile on; content development and promotion for your case studies; co-marketing campaigns; and exclusive access to products and services available only through PEER Certified Partners.

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