PTW Form

PTW Form
for Workplace Safety and Health

Who needs this form?

Anyone planning work with potential safety hazards, such as:

  1. Working at heights
  2. Electrical work
  3. Confined space entry
  4. Hot work (welding, grinding)
  5. Chemical handling

Our PTW forms are carefully made to follow the latest Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Act. This will help for:

  1. Find and control dangers for risky tasks.
  2. Use safe work systems to make risks smaller.
  3. Make sure all needed precautions are taken before starting work.
  4. Keep a good record of risk checks and approved work ways.

WSH-PEER Permits to Work use easy forms to give out permits. Checklists help users go through each step easily. 

Buying WSH-PEER's Permit to Work means better safety for workers, following safety rules well, doing work faster, and less paperwork. It helps avoid accidents. Learn more about our permits to work solution.


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