Workplace Safety & Health Systems: Project Management

Project Management is: Goal Achievement Timely Deliverable submission Resource Optimization

Why is a project management software so important?

Without a good project management solution, you can find yourself drowning in an endless sea of spreadsheets, post-its, and paperwork that can lead to errors in project scheduling, prioritizing errors, and other problems. – DPM

Calendar View
Daily progress tracker
E- Permit To Work Calendar
Safety Inspection Calendar
RE/RTO Inspection
Essential work detail - Date, Location, Company and more!
Task Progress
Individual task progress
Task Progress percentage
Task information - Company, Duration, Work Type, No. Worker
BIM Viewer
Visualize your project
Import BIM model
Material Infomation
Rotate, Pan, Zoom, POVs, Explode
Project based analysis based on statistics
Number of users per project
Number of workers per project
Submission statistics
Data demographic for easy project management & communication
Project E-Permit to Work Dashboard
In-depth data demographic
Toolbox Meeting Dashboard

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do offer customization services for dashboards to suit your requirements!

So long as the data exists in PEER, we can customize it for you!