About CTMS


  • Project Management

    • Create new projects
    • Assigning users & workers to the project
    • Managing the forms that are in this project etc.


  • User Management

    • Create, Update or Remove users’ account from the system
    • Reset password & 2FA


  • Staff & Worker Management

    • Create, Update or Remove staffs & workers
    • Manage the staffs & workers information under your company


  • Dashboard

    • KPI of the progress of PTW


  • Permit-to-Work

    • PTW Application
    • Safe Environment
      • System ensures users to complete all important & necessary documents before starting physically starting work


  • Inspection Module

    • Captures findings observed by inspectors during their inspection checks


  • 2FA

    • Ensures that user is the rightful owner of the account


  • Telegram Notification

    • Sends a message/link that will automatically direct users to the form page to sign the form


  • E-Risk Assessment

Basic Requirements

  • Latest version of Google Chrome



User Manual