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Fueled by a passion for transforming businesses through technology, Magicsoft Asia Systems has journeyed from its humble beginnings in 1997 as a web development team to a regional IT leader. With a growing presence across Southeast Asia in Singapore, China, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Indonesia, we empower companies to reach their full potential.

Magicsoft's team of skilled software engineers leverages cutting-edge technologies to craft a diverse range of solutions – from mobile and web applications to complex, multi-tiered systems.

Our expertise extends beyond standard software development, with a proven track record of designing and building industry-specific solutions like construction management systems, health information platforms, and even tunnel excavation monitoring systems. This dedication to innovation and client success has solidified Magicsoft's reputation as a provider of high-quality IT solutions for both government and private sector clients.


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WSH PEER was previously known as CTMS and was rebranded as PEER because we noticed that our system could cater to many other industries, not solely in the construction sector.

The PEER system helps its users to check and comply the regulations about the health and safety of the workers at work. The PEER consists of many modules such as Personnel Management, Permit to Work (PTW) Management, Inspection Management, Asset Management, Quality Control Management, Workflow Management and etc.

PTW Management module takes safety procedures into consideration such as LOA, RA, SWP and other checklists. It checks on all the prerequisites and other important equipment checklists that are needed. Once all Prerequisites and checklists are approved by the person in charge, the site activities can carry on.