About VMS


Management of Personnel

  • Users with rights will be able to add, edit and remove the personnel. Those users assigned as an admin role will usually get these rights.
  • Users will also be able to assign and unassign personnel to an area.
  • Users will be able to view the list of personnel that are being assigned to an area.


Management of Vehicle

  • Users can add, edit and remove those CCTVs they use for capturing/recording vehicles coming in and out
  • Users can add, edit and remove the license plate
  • Users can view the vehicle history. The vehicle history contains information such as name of the vehicle owner, car plate number, CCTV that captured the vehicle’s movements and the activity of the vehicle (such as


Management of Card Passes

  • Users will be able to print their card passes.


Basic Requirements

  • Must be using site’s connection in order to be able to connect into the VMS.


User Manual