Technology has grown significantly over the past years, it looks like everyday we are introduced with a new technology, a new improvement, and a new invention. Advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence or widely known as “AI” is a technology that recently has been worked and implemented in other tech namely Cameras including surveillance cameras/Video Security cameras. See how Collie implementing AI Camera into our solution.

Our AI Camera Solution

  • Facial Recognition
  • ALPR Camera
  • People Count
  • Crowd Detection
  • Intrusion Detection


Facial Recognition is everywhere especially during this pandemic era. It is convenient to have facial detection since systems are able to auto detect the faces and identify who they are without having us to take any actions. AI facial recognition can be implemented in countless situations. The possibilities are really wide and unlimited.


ALPR is a high-speed camera system that are able to capture the vehicle plate number The ALPR cameras used are highly accurate and provides features such as Black/White list functionality. Information such as which country the car plates belong to is also provided. Biometric devices are used on site to mark the attendance of the workers/visitors. The device would be able to recognize who the person is, whether he/she is a registered personnel to be able to enter the area or not. In Collie, we integrated Vaxtor’s ALPR system to recognize the vehicle plate that enters our customer’s site. It was used to track vehicle’s in and out timing if unfortunate events were to happen


Collie with AI Camera will also be able to know how many people in the area.


COVID-19 has become a global pandemic since 2020, and right now, we don’t have any choice but to adapt. Having a project , office, or any business that included so many people on site can be dangerous and the high risk of spreading COVID-19 can’t be denied. Using AI technology and collie, we can also detect crowd in our area and easily monitor it.


One of the purpose of implementing AI technology in Camera & surveilance camera is to provide higher level security. One feature that it can provide is "Intrusion detection". With Intrusion detection, Collie will send Alert to administrator that there is unknown people in the area or so.


  • Gate Entry & Parking Solution
  • AI Camera in Kindergarten
  • AI Camera in Hospital
  • Many More


Collie with Barrier gate devices and biometric devices combined with ALPR camera might be the best solution for gate entry and parking . With ALPR Camera, the license plate number will be automatically captured and sent to Collie's system . see image below:


Parents will never stop worrying about their children. Whether they are doing well in class, having their meals or having fun safely. Kindergarten with Collie can provide parents with real-time updates of their children. Utilising facial recognition, Collie is able to identify and track specific children and provide a livestream feed to parents. uFace devices can also be integrated to prevent unauthorised access into the kindergarten.


Collie can also be implemented in Hospital. there are a lot of use case and benefits by implementing collie & AI camera especially in Hospital such as :
  1. People Counting
  2. Patients Detection in case of emergency or patient wandering around without nurses knowing
  3. Crowd detection
  4. Temperature Measuring
  5. Intrusion Detection
  6. Queue Detection
  7. Access Control Area
  8. Parking with Automatic License Plate Recognition, And many more
See image below

AI Camera can be implemented in countless situations. The possibilities are really wide and unlimited.

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See our Collie Video below


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