Automated License Plate Recognition

ALPR is an Automated License Plate Recognition system that can capture license plate of the vehicles coming towards the CCTV in real time.

Implementing an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system allows the stakeholders of a premise to record the plate numbers of all vehicles entering or leaving the premise with high precision in real time. This would be very useful for enforcing checks on the vehicles or for analysing the traffic into the premise.

Applicable situations include:

  • – Security Monitoring
  • – Analytics like Vehicle Fleet Utilisation
  • – Smart Solutions
  • – Access Control
  • As an added layer of security, identified number plates can be used to match with data captured with biometric devices to ensure that drivers of vehicles are authorized.
  • We offer customized CCTV, Beacon, and NFC integrated into the system.  Contact us if you are interested in our product and solution.