Collie Features & Use Case

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With Self Registration, any personnel such as Visitor, Worker, Staff  will be able to register their profile by scanning QR code and fill in the information needed. 

More About Collie's Self Registration

Collie is All-In One Visitor Management System and Access Control Management System with so many features and integration with the latest technology devices. 

Collie’s Self-Registration offers an easy way to register a new personnel. The Self-registration process will be syncronized real-time into collie database and access control device. 

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Other Features on Collie

Area Limitation

Collie's Access Control Management allow you to assign personnel to the certain area and set the area limitation.

Attendance Taking

Collie attendance taking allow you to see record or log of the personnel, visitor, and worker

Biometric Recognition

Collie can be integrated with biometric devices with the latest Technology

Video Analytic

Collie's video anlytic helps you monitor your site and keep tracks of the personnel or vehicle.


Technology has grown significantly over the past years, it looks like everyday we are introduced with a new technology, a new improvement, and a new invention. Advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence or widely known as “AI” is a technology that recently has been worked and implemented in other tech namely Cameras including surveillance cameras/Video Security cameras. See how Collie implementing AI Camera into our solution.

Device Integration

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