How do I know that PEER is for me?

The mission of PEER is to be a reliable and smart assistant for our client’s business operations. PEER benefits our clients by streamlining business processes and communications, provide easy and consistent data collection along with intelligent statistical generations and meaningful presentations. 

PEER is right for you as we digitise processes which can be managed and adjusted according to customers’ business needs. 

Do connect with us through our enquiries if you are still unsure or provide us with insight as to how PEER can benefit your market!

What if my prerequisites or workflows are different from what is offered?

PEER’s digitised process is adjustable to our client’s needs. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure that PEER satisfy your workflow


Is Telegram the only method of notification?

Telegram is our current notification method. However, we are able to integrate other notification methods such as whatsapp

What if I only wish to have one of the modules?

PEER’s module is fully customisable to our clients’ requirement!


When using the bulk upload to update the workers/staff profile, why did it create new profiles instead?

In order to prevent this from happening, standardize the NRIC column into a fixed format. Make sure there are no additional spaces added etc.

For example if the NRIC was previously recorded as “S1234567A”, the NRIC in the bulk upload template cannot be “S 1234567 A” or “S1234567A “. If they are recorded differently, it might trigger another profile to be created.

Can the card templates in Collie Visitor Management be changed?

Yes, the card/pass templates will be uploaded based on client’s requirement.

This is a sample of the card/pass template that is currently used.