HSSE Inspection

HSSE inspection is an inspection to determine Health and Safety risks found on work site and procedures

Workplace inspections is essential to reducing the risks of  injuries and illnesses. Inspectors conduct routine inspection to help identify and record hazard, raising corrective actions in order to prevent unfortunate accidents

PEER’s HSSE Inspection has 3 stages, namely, application of Inspection, Recording of  site details and findings. Lastly, raising and recording of corrective actions


Inspectors will be required to fill in information with regard to the inspector’s Organisation, Function, Designation with the option of remarks

2. Recording of site details and findings

When an issue is detected, Inspectors will raise a finding, filling in information such as location of finding, information regarding company responsible for issue, state the type of finding and compliancy

3. Raising and recording of corrective actions

Once all the information of the issue is recorded, the inspector will be required to state the severity of the issue and  corrective actions to be taken along with dateline for corrective actions


A HSSE Inspection can be carried out in almost every industry, from manufacturing to maintenance and constructions where health and safety of personnel are often at risk


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