Browser-Based System

Browser based system

Our System is running on as a web application instead of a native app. The benefit of having a web application is that as long as you have a supported browser and a working internet connection, the system will be accessible.
We recommend accessing our system in the latest version of Google Chrome. 

E-PTW Calendar

E-PTW Calendar

Track the status of your permits as well as other planned permits all under this calendar view.
This will also allow you to raise your permit to work as well as track the status of your permit

User Management

User Management

Create user accounts for your workers under your company to enable their access to WSH PEER.

Handle administrative tasks such as:
– Reset passwords.
– Reset 2FA.
– Manage project roles
– Manage Personal Particulars

Project Management

Project Management

Manage multiple project easily with our Project Management module!
Switch between projects if you are handling more than 1.

Manage various project data such as:
– Project Users & Workers

– Project Sub-Contractors

– Forms & Dependencies


Personalized System Notification

Be notified on forms or task that is pending for your action! 

WSH PEER uses Telegram to send notifications to your mobile phone.
After installing Telegram and linking your account to it, the setup is completed and you will be notified whenever there is anything
that needs your attention.

Multi-Language Support

Multi Language Support

WSH PEER allows you to change into a different language that is being displayed to your preferred language.

There are currently up to 6 different languages supported other than English:

– English (default)
– Bahasa Indonesia
– Chinese
– Bangla
– Español
– Japanese
– Tamil