Project Management

Project Management              ●                Calendar & Dashboard

An issue of large scale project is the sheer amount of tasks, data and manpower required to be managed and keep track of. PEER is committed to helping our client save costs and time by ensuring that a clear representation of tasks statuses and progress can be tracked with Project Management, Dashboard, Calendar and My Task features. Ultimately, helping our clients manage their project efficiently and effectively.


Project Management


Project Management allows clients to create and manage several projects, incorporate roles, users, forms, Permit To Work, Master Plan and location of the different projects

Project Management
Projects often occur simultaneously, having similar procedures yet still having an essence of dynamic. By configuring PEER’s Project Management, clients can manage the entirety of the project flow, keep track of all necessary project materials such as forms, locations, plans, project statuses and personnel including vendors, users, workers and any other concerned parties.
For instance, Project A and B requires the same PTW form, Administrators will be able to add said form after creating it once in Data Set-up (click here to find out more!). The dynamic essence of members in a project is also handled by the Project Management Modules, allowing Administrators to manage users relevant to the project.


Calendar & Dashboard

Statistical display, allowing improved decision making, scheduling, clarity, efficiency and effectiveness


Dashboard collects and presents data and statistics of Permits to Work (PTW) in the form of infograph, providing users a platform to manage progress while Calendar provides a clear presentation of day to day tasks within a month, allowing precise indication and management of task to be done. Both module work hand in hand to provide crystal clear statistics and data for our clients, allowing them to manage their project effectively and efficiently.

A study published in the Harvard Business Review states that one in every six projects costs more than 200 percent of the estimated. Clarity is one of the most important requirements for the successful completion of the project and the lack of it creates several project management issues.


A Project Manager can easily log into PEER’s Dashboard module and track the progress of tasks carried out by viewing the approved, pending, rejected and revoked status of the Permits to work, providing a clear overview of overall project progress.  Next, Calendar is available in modules such as PTW and HSSE Inspection, User will create the PTW and Inspections to be carried out here. The Calendar will then display data of the tasks along with providing a navigation means to in depth data. 

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