Security Features

2 Factor Authentication               ●         Role Based Access Control                ●           User Management

2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA includes an additional, yet extremely simple process during the login phase, enhancing the security of our cloud-based services
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“At the RSA security conference 2020, Microsoft engineers said that 99.9% of the compromised accounts they track every month don’t use multi-factor authentication, a solution that stops most automated account attacks.”


One issue with only password-based authentication is the ability to create and remember strong passwords and most of the time, people fail to do so. PEER is committed to ensuring a high level of security for our client’s personal and project data.   We have included a 2FA using Google Authenticator in our software. Users will be required to download and set-up their 2FA, which will be required in every login. Through an additional layer of login, we ensure that user accounts have a heighten security and less likely to be compromised. For instance, login information are often saved on computer. If the computer is lost or shared, your account will not be accessible as login requires authentication from a secondary source

Role Based Access Control

& User Management

role based access control, RBAC, Management

User Management allows client to create PEER accounts, manage user’s information and PEER access rights such as administrator, Staff or User and Role-based Access Control or RBAC is a client requirement customization to restrict access to authorised users. Specific roles are created for different job functions, given specific permission within the system and assigned to users upon administration approval

“In UK, an insurance company allowed staff unrestricted access to data and was stunned when gruesome fatal car crash pictures involving a particular model of car appeared on their direct competitor’s website criticising safety records. The culprit was not in a claims role but in an internal administrative position.”


Large scale projects spans a long period of time and always include a dynamic characteristic with regards to manpower. With at least hundreds of workers involved in a project and consistently being re-tasked or removed, it is easy to lose track of access given to specific personnel thus, creating a potential security risk through information leaked to unauthorised personnel.

PEER have included RBAC and User Management to facilitate administration of security, allowing easy authorising and restricting of permission to specific roles

PEER’s User management module allows client to facilitate their users, with easy creation and management of accounts, access rights along with tracking of users through information required such as name, email address, company information while the RBAC module allows our clients to set up specific roles and permission such as Applicants, Assessors, Approvers, Inspectors along with roles and permission customisable to our client’s needs. Then, assigning roles to users when required and removed when the user no longer has authority to carry out job. This makes sure that sensitive informations and actions to be carried out are only accessible by authorised personnel

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