uFace Use Case

uFace devices are used to control the access of the personnel and for attendance taking.

uFace Devices are designed and equipped with the capability to handle access controls, attendance taking and provide users with a variety of method for authentication

Access Control

Once a personnel has been assigned to a designated area, the uFace device in that area would automatically synchronise his/her data into the device. He/She will then be able to enter the specific area whilst being restricted from others, allowing our clients to control access rights

Attendance taking

 uFace device is equipped with the capability to capture check in and check out data to be stored and reflected on PEER, allowing our clients to track attendance and use the data for analysis


Clients will be able to choose their desired method of authentication. uFace is designed with 1FA and 2FA features, ranging from facial recognition to fingerprint, passwords and RFID cards, ensuring our client’s security is taken care of


uFace devices can be deployed to almost all industry and market for access control and attendance taking

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