User Experience

Through our years of practices, PEER is designed with our client’s ease of use, in mind. We believe that the easier it is to use, the lesser time is spent, the more time our clients’ can spend on profiting


Cloud Based App & Responsive Design


Browser based application accessible using most modern platforms

Cloud Based, Responsive design
Taking personnel on the project site into consideration, a desktop pc is not always available. As a cloud based application with responsive design, PEER is accessible anywhere and anytime, using either desktop pc, laptop, tablet or even mobile phone. For instance, An inspector conducting a HSSE inspection can use his/her mobile phone or tablet to carry out his inspection, filling up the details of the form whilst moving around site


Data Set Up


Customize repetitive data for consistency and ease of using across variety of projects

Data Tracking
Major projects often have repetitive information such as equipment, forms and roles across different projects. With our data set up module, a one time, customisable content set up would allow such data to be easily attached to multiple project for use. Form templates such as PTW templates, Checklist templates, Inspection forms templates along with assets can be created with our dynamic form builder and modified before being attached to projects for use



Filter features to improve user experience in searching for data
User Friendly, Friendly

To combat the terabytes of information and materials on PEER, various customisable filters are readily available in almost every module of PEER in order to save our client’s time and to provide a better user experience

For example, Graphical data such as PTWs are filtered by statuses, date range and companies, allowing analysts and managers to obtain the data parameters to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the project. Filters for the different forms are available for users to quickly access the forms required, saving them the hassle and time



Personalised alert on Telegram for tasks
Personalize notification
PEER understands the heavy and strenuous workload of our clients. It becomes easy for personnel to miss out on tasks they are required to complete or rectify. PEER incorporates personalised notification, alerting personnel when tasks requires their attention. PEER currently uses telegram for personalised messages. When a task is assigned to a personnel, it triggers an automatic alert to the personnel, notifying him/her to complete the task. For instance, a PTW applicant have tasked a user to submit a prerequisite checklist, PEER will automatically send a notification to alert the user, informing them of information such as project name, relevant form for subimission, activity and location

Bulk Upload

Ability to upload large quantity of data stored in excel into PEER

User Experience - Bulk Upload
PEER understands the difficulty in having to upload repetitive data. To solve this issue, modules which requires repetitive submissions are designed to include bulk uploads, allowing our clients to save time for productivity. One use of the bulk upload is in the addition of workers. Projects are dynamic and there is a frequent change in contractors and subcontractors and with every change comes the need to upload new workers data. The Bulk Upload Module assist our user in integrating new workers data easily into PEER

Manpower Management


Manage and update worker’s status

User Experience

Project’s dynamic process and various works causes the need for large quantity of workers and a consistent change to them. This creates a difficulty in keeping track and updating active workers.

With the current covid pandemic, workers’ employability is extremely volatile and will constantly change. To provide ease of tracking and updating manpower, PEER’s Manpower Management module lets our client manage their worker force easily

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