Video Analytics License Plate Recognition

Video Analytics – License Plate Recognition

At any major project sites, the amount of vehicles coming in and out of site can hit hundreds easily, coupled with round the clock work, it is difficult to keep track of incoming and outgoing vehicles 24/7, creating a potential security risk to products and personnel. With video analytics such as an Automated License Plate Recognition, our system will be able to keep track of the License Plate number of the vehicles entering and exiting the premises. 

Vaxtor ALPR is one of the software we used to integrate with Collie system. It is a high-performance software for recognizing license plates in the most demanding circumstances, intended mainly
for companies wishing to incorporate the license plate-scanning function into their range of solutions quickly and easily.

Applicable to:


ANPR Vaxtor

Vaxtor ALPR:

The visual display panel shows the license plate recognition result, reading parameters, an overview picture of the detected vehicle and a cropped license plate picture together with the algorithm recognized vehicle plate.

The configuration module calibrate the video source, duplication elimination rules, license plate clarity reading range, plate slope angle, country grammar rules, regions of Interest, scene complexity level.

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