The Easiest way to manage visitors and workers

Being a HR manager could be so challenging and a hard task to do Especially when you manage a big company with hundreds or even thousands of employees.

Security is one factor that sometimes slips out from HR management’s eyes. Whereas security is a really important factor especially when your company has a lot of employees and visitors.

You may consider Collie, our Visitor Management System that has all of your needs for an easier way to manage your visitors and workers.

Here are the keys to managing your workers and visitors while still keeping security as a priority:

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Set rules and policy for workers and Visitors

In order to effectively manage your workers and visitors, you need to set rules and policy. For example, the workers may only enter the area they are designated to, and can’t enter the staff office without permission or the visitor may only visit the area they were approved to and more.

Group your workers and staff by area 

For easier worker management and for security purposes, you can group your workers and  staff data by area they were designated to. 

Collie provides you with manpower and access control management to help you group your workers and staff by the area they are designated to.


Set a register device in each area to increase security

A register device can be a door lock device is a good choice to increase security and recording worker and or visitor attendance. By using this device, we can easily monitor our workers and visitors. Installing a register device in each area will make your security more effective because we can set which staff and worker can enter a certain area, and which area the worker’s can’t enter. 

Collie’s Access control management helps you manage your worker’s and staff’s access. Collie is easy to use so you don’t have to be worried about the operation

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Make a Visitor Form Template

This is the first step to manage your visitor, building a perfect template form for visitor registration. A perfect visitor’s registration form should have the following info :

    • Visitor’s name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Company
    • Purpose 
    • Visiting time
    • Host 
Using Collie, you can easily register visitors or workers with standardized forms that have all required info you need.
Using Collie, you can easily register visitors or workers with standardized forms that have all required info you need.

Give visitors a card tag / pass and access to certain area


Give your visitor an ID card to make sure that the workers and staff know. If you already installed a register device in each area, you can set access of your visitor to the area you approved to and you can give your visitor pass/access method you want. This will increase security and also easier visitor attendance recording.

Collie’s Card Management and Access Control Management will help you make sure that every personnel has their access based on their roles.

collie card production
collie card production

Use Visitor Management system 

The easiest way to manage your visitors and workers is using a Visitor Management System.

Collie, an All in One Visitor Management system is the best choice for you. VMS Collie is packed with so many modules and availability to integrate with the latest technology in registration devices or access control devices, collie always makes sure that security is the number one priority. 

Check out Collie Dashboard below

collie dashboard
Collie’s dashboard shows you how many check ins in multiple areas, and people on site also vehicles on site. Check out more about collie dashboard Here

Collie Features including Manpower management, Vehicle management, Access control management and more, all of the features you want in the Visitor management system. Check out all Collie features Here

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