Everything You Need to Know About Toolbox Meeting

Everything You Need to Know About Toolbox Meeting
daily toolbox meeting

Every construction business always puts their employees’ safety on priority. The first step to build a safe work environment is conducting a Toolbox meeting daily .

Here's everything you need to know about Tool-Box Meeting.

What is  a tool-box Meeting?

Tool-box meeting, some people may call it Tool-box talk , is a short meeting held daily before the work activity starts or before the shifts start. This meeting usually talks about work safety, safe work procedure and more.

Is it Important?

Tool Box Meeting is very Important because this event is a practical way to remind the members/workers on site that health and safety is a really important aspect that we need to take note of. Also this is a good chance to talk about the changes on plans or so.


The Functions of Tool-box Meeting

  1. To Increase Safety awareness for everyone involved
  2. To Reduce workplace injuries
  3. To build a strong safety culture
  4. To prevent workers from getting complacent and avoid taking safety for granted
  5. To build a good communication among the team
  6. To refresh team’s knowledge about safety

Tool-Box Meeting Features on WSH-PEER

Digitized tool-box meeting may be the tools you need to conduct and manage your tool-box meetings . WSH-PEER provide you with so many features including digitized tool-box meeting. Here’s the advantage you can get if you use Tool-box Meeting on WSH-PEER

Easy to Use

Digitized Tool-box meeting made it easy to record a tool-box meeting. Using WSH-PEER we can record everything about the meeting , from what the topic was, where it was held, who the participants were, and even the participants’ comments.

Store the records safely

All the meeting records will be automatically uploaded to cloud so that our records will be safely stored.


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Dashboard for easier monitoring

We can monitor our tool-box meeting on our WSH-PEER dashboard for easier access. This page will also give us data from all of our projects. This feature will be so helpful for us when we have so many projects going on and need to monitor which project has already conducted the tool-box meeting and which one hasn’t. And we can also see how many participants in that meeting and more.

Take a look at this screenshot of WSH-PEER Tool-box Meeting Dashboard

tool-box meeting dashboard WSH-PEER
tool-box meeting dashboard WSH-PEER

Safety and toolbox Meetings are important to building a strong safety culture and reinforcing your company’s commitment to protecting your workers. These meeting is also the perfect time to introduce new safety policies and procedures you are implementing as well as to provide training on new safety rules and regulations.

Providing an easier way to record your tool-box meeting and many more, WSH-PEER is a great investment for your construction or industrial management system. Check out WSH-PEER features Here

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