PEER's Role Based Access Control

PEER’s Role Based Access Control

The market PEER serves in, deals with a consistent change of personnel on a daily basis. Such characteristics creates a potential data leakage and unauthorized access.  Data leak and unauthorized access can create potential security risks such as sabotages which can be extremely disastrous.

A secured system must be able to deal with consistent personnel. PEER’s Role Based Access Control (RBAC) provides management with the ability to control the permission given to a user, controlling the content accessible, preventing sensitive data from unintended distributions.

The Role Based Access Control is applied on two layers, master data set up and individual projects. Users are able to set a generalized permission across different projects as some roles conduct the same operations while the individual project’s RBAC allows for unique roles

Here are the current permission settings. The permissions are customizable to content and customer’s requirement

Find out more about PEER’s Role Based Access Control Here!

Role Based Access Control
Role Based Access Control
Role Based Access Control

With these settings, PEER reduce the potential data leakage by granting only necessary access to users. For instance, a user from company A, with only RE/RTO form submission permission, will not be able to view any information from other modules such as Permit To Work or HSSE Inspection. 

Permit To Work Permission

HSSE Inspection Permission

RE/RTO Inspection Permission

Site Inspection Permission

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