6 Effective Keys for a Successful Construction Project

6 Effective Keys for a Successful Construction Project
6 Effective Keys to a Successful Construction Project

A successful construction project is the goal that every project manager has, but the path to achieve it, it’s never easy. In order to achieve that, project managers must understand the challenges, and the risks. A successful project could be measured by completion time, cost and resources spent on the project. There are many ways to achieve the goals, But here’s 6 effective keys to help you achieve a successful project:

1. Build a Continuous Planning

Plans should be made by the project manager long before the project begins, and should be continuously revised and developed until the project ends. This is important, because anything could happen on the construction site, you can experience unexpected environmental problems and you need to revise your plan to adapt to the situations. 

WSH-PEER provides you real-time updated information/checklists submitted by the team on site for easier assessment and instruction giving according to the situation and plan.

2. Build an Effective Communication Flow

Communication is one of the crucial aspects in a construction project. Building an effective communication flow is not easy. One of the simplest communication flows you can use is a centralized communication flow. By using this method, you can create a platform to gather and send information about any changes on the work site, and give orders, get notified and more.

Using WSH-PEER, the members on site will get notification if they have some tasks to do. They are also able to submit permit to work, daily checklists and more and the data will be sent to the management for immediate and real-time action.


3. Ensure Safe Work Procedure is Implemented and Always Take Note on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

According to Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower statistics, a total of 16,371 cases of workplace injuries were recorded in 2020. An astonishing amount of $24.59 Million and $74.65 Million was incurred for Medical wages and Permanent incapacity/Death compensation respectively. This data shows that safe work procedure and HSE implementation is really important for a successful construction project.

WSH-Peer makes your project easier to monitor. There are many safety checklists that you can fill, send it immediately and also many permit to work forms that can be filled before the activity begins to ensure that all aspects are safe.

4. Use Construction Management System

Construction management / project management system is now a must for you to have. In addition to helping you monitor your project in real-time, a construction management system also helps you save costs and time in management.

There are many WSH-Peer features that you can use to help manage your projects, ranging from project management that allows you to manage multiple projects on one platform, to equipment management that helps you manage the equipment used in the project.


5. Re-evaluate your workflows

Planning and building workflows were made to achieve targets and so that work can be completed on time with the appropriate budget. Even if your project has gone according to plan, re-evaluation still needs to be done. This evaluation allows you to find a better way to manage your project and or find the right solution to address project problems to be re-implemented in future projects.

6. Monitor your project’s financial well

Construction projects, both small and large scale, involve a lot of costs. And in that case,  you need to take good control of your finances. Switching to a project management system is may be the best Investment you can make to help you save much time and expenses for more efficient project management.

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