Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Why is facial recognition important?

  • It is convenient to have facial detection since systems are able to auto detect the faces and identify who they are without having us to take any actions. An example would be Facebook tagging. When posting pictures on Facebook, it will auto tag your friends or families in the picture without the need for us to manually find their names.
  • Facial recognition also helps to improve safety and security. With facial recognition, an access control system is able to detect an intruder or a blacklisted personnel that enters a building.
  • Contactless is one of the important factor, especially in this pandemic era. Facial recognition is a hygienic way to access an area compared to fingerprint biometrics.

AI Camera

The IP Cameras offer computer vision technology with edge-performing complex real-time intelligent functions. It provides intelligent video analytic functions such as Face Detection, Intrusion, Counting, Queue Detection etc. 


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