AI Facial Recognition Implementation in Hospital with Collie

AI Facial Recognition Implementation in Hospital with Collie

Facial Recognition is everywhere especially during this pandemic era. It is convenient to have facial detection since systems are able to auto detect the faces and identify who they are without having us to take any actions.
AI facial recognition can be implemented in countless situations. The possibilities are really wide and unlimited. One of the use cases we want to show you is how collie works with AI Facial recognition implemented for hospital areas.

Self Registration 

One of the benefits of using collie, patients/visitors/staff can do a self registration via their smartphone using QR Code that has already been prepared by the administrators. Check out this image :

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Facial Recognition on Access Control Devices

Upon self registration, the patients and visitors’ data will automatically synchronize to the system. Then , the authority can set the accessible area for the patients/visitors/staff related. And the patients/visitors/staff will be able access the area using facial recognition authentication.

Check out this image below :

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From the image above, we can see that there are a lot of use case and benefits by implementing collie & AI camera such as :

  1. People Counting
  2. Patients Detection in case of emergency or patient wandering around without nurses knowing
  3. Crowd detection
  4. Temperature Measuring
  5. Intrusion Detection
  6. Queue Detection
  7. Access Control Area 
  8. Parking with Automatic License Plate Recognition

And many more

Check Out this Video to learn more about collie & Implementing AI Camera in Hospital 

Collie offers you a visitor management system and Access management system integrated with Facial Recognition Devices, Door Access Devices,  gate entry devices and ALPR camera.

Collie Features including Manpower management, Vehicle management, Access control management and more, all of the features you want in the Visitor management system. Check out all Collie features Here

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