DIGITIZED VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The Best Solution for Visitor and Manpower Management During Global Pandemic

COVID-19 has become a global pandemic since 2020, and right now, we don’t have any choice but to adapt. Having a project , office, or any business that included so many people on site can be dangerous and the high risk of spreading COVID-19 can’t be denied.
Visitor Management System could be the best investment you can choose during this pandemic era. Integrated with the latest technology and AI, Visitor Management System will make your work to manage people and visitors easier.

Collie, an All In One Visitor Management system, might be the best product for you. It’s packed with many features to help us with worker, staff and visitor management.

 Check out some benefits you can get if you use Collie during this pandemic era :

Easy and Fast Registration with Bulk Upload Feature

With Collie , We can easily register visitors to our system. We can set their time of visit, the host, and their purpose. Using Bulk-Upload feature, we can also easily register multiple workers/staff to save time.


Access Control & Manpower Management with Contactless Registration Device integration

Using Collie, we can assign workers, staff and visitors to the designated area. So we can control which area this worker can enter and which area this worker can’t.
Access control management can be a helpful feature to use to increase safety.
Using Contactless Registration devices such as Facial Recognition, Palm Recognition and Card Tag may be the best way to reduce Covid-19 spread. Collie uses smart integration with contactless registration devices for easy and safe access.

Real-Time People On Site Information

During pandemic, most countries suggest new rules to be implemented everywhere such as limiting the number of people in a room , workplace, and more.

Using collie, we can always monitor how many people on site, how many workers and how many visitors. 

Collie is an All in One Visitor management system that is packed with many features we can use to help visitor and manpower management easier. Try Collie Here