HSSE Inspection Statuses & Notifications

HSSE Inspection Statuses & Notifications

Conducting a HSSE Inspection requires at least two personnel to be involved. This coupled with the multiple stages of an Inspections such as inspection stage and rectification stages, presents a challenge to keep track of the inspection statuses.

PEER’s HSSE Inspection Module provides clear presentation of all the statuses to ensure our users have access to the latest status of the HSSE Inspections.

The following is a table with regards to the status change with regards to actions taken in PEER’s HSSE Inspection module.

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Inspection status

Within inspections, there are small findings and major findings. Major findings may require instantaneous actions to be taken, for instance, an immediate stop work due to safety reasons. To ensure that users are instantly informed with the correct details, PEER’s HSSE Inspection module utilises our notification feature to inform users instantly and automatically so that safety is not compromised and rectifications can be taken immediately.

Below are the telegram templates sent to the respective personnel when an action is initiated. These templates are customizable to client’s requirement

Template of non compliant findings sent to PIC & relevant personnel

non compliant notification

Template of completion of rectification sent to Inspector

complete Rectifications notifications

Template of rectification approval notification sent to PIC


Template of rectification rejected notification sent to PIC


Template of rectification overdued notification sent to PIC

Overdued Rectification
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