Safety Checklists Status

Safety Checklists Status

Personnel in a project are often subjected to submitting a plethora of forms on a daily basis. Eventually, one will lose track of the progress of forms, especially when the forms have to be routed to multiple personnel. 

To assist our clients in keeping track of their individual forms & checklists, each and every one of PEER’s documents are labelled with a status which are updated instantly once it has been submitted, assessed and/or approved. 

The following table depicts the statuses of documents in accordance to the actions taken.

PEER’s personalized notification ensures that personnel are instantly alerted to status changes to their forms & checklists so that resubmission or work can begin instantaneously. The following table showcases the actions taken and the recipient which receives the alert

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The following is a standardized template of the notifications received by personnel when their documents are approved/assessed/rejected.

All details are customizable to client’s requirement.

Personalize notification
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