Why Peer

WSH PEER was previously known as CTMS and was rebranded as PEER because we noticed that our system could cater to many other industries, not solely in the construction sector.


The PEER system helps its users to check and comply the regulations about the health and safety of the workers at work. The PEER consists of many modules such as Personnel Management, Permit to Work (PTW) Management, Inspection Management, Asset Management, Quality Control Management, Workflow Management and etc. Its PTW Management module takes safety procedures into consideration such as LOA, RA, SWP and other checklists. It checks on all the prerequisites and other important equipment checklists that are needed. Once all Prerequisites and checklists are approved by the person in charge, the site activities can carry on.


Conventional project management still using papers are at high risks of unnecessarily high costs, security risks and inefficiency. A 2012 AIIM survey on paper form costs determined that the average cost of a single paper form to a business is $4.56. With hundreds of forms required to be filled up daily, not forgetting misplaced and lost forms, causing time to redo and a potential information leak along with storage costs, the benefits of a paper-less management system is paramount.


Projects are extremely dynamic and changes often impact the overall timeline and impact the efficiency of the project, causing potential loss in profit. By digitising your project, any changes can be made immediately using a laptop or tablet or even a mobile phone. Said changes will also produce instant notifications to relevant personnel along with automatic reminders to complete tasks, fast-tracking updates, approvals and rectifications which ultimately provide higher efficiency and safety levels.


Major projects have endless management challenges. Through crystal clear data presentations, customisable to client’s request, improved planning, scheduling and collaborations will be a definite. Consistent data will allow easy analysis of project, allowing better decisions to be made.


Conventional safety procedures are easy to look over or to skim through —- a tedious process to be hurried over. PEER’s Safety Modules are streamlined, yet rigorous safety measures to ensure a consistent and easy method to comply with safety procedures

User Friendly

PEER’s cloud based system application & Responsive design ensures instantaneous access anywhere in the world. Furthermore, designed with our client’s ease of use throughout the systems such as personalised notifications along with dedicated filters for the plethora of data. Not forgetting bulk uploads and Data set ups to speed up processes

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