Why Peer?

Improves Efficiency and Productivity

1. Real-time monitoring of project activities and schedules, enabling errors/risks to be quickly identified.  Leading to more efficient remedies.

2. With enhanced clarity, construction processes can be optimized and made leaner

Improves Decision Making

1. Knowledge retention and transfer  – lessons learned from one project can be usefully applied to subsequent projects.

2. Allows better decision-making by Top Management as data needed are readily available.

Better Safety

1. Real-time monitoring of the work activities will allow better oversight to ensure the safety of work.

2. Analysis of trends from data collected will allow early detection of possible risks

Better Communication and Collaboration

1. A Common digital platform allowing more efficient workflow amongst all stakeholders. Communication amongst teams can be streamlined through the digital platform.

2. Ensuring better collaboration, management, and delivery of deadlines.

Advance Technology and Innovation

1. Deployment of AI into the system allows for studying of trends and the mitigation of risks efficiently.

2. Adoption of IoT and smart sensors solutions will improve worker safety, cost reduction, quality assessment, and maintenance of equipment.

Retention of Younger Generation

1. Retention of the younger workforce, who may find traditional manual processes laborious.