Workplace Safety & Health Systems: Audits

Audit is: Discovering weakness Retaining Reputation Enhancing controls

Audit using WSH PEER starts with understanding the importance of a system with auditt features

  • A Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) audit is one of the main steps in implementing WSH management system and evaluating its performance. It is a key tool that helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses in an organisation’s WSH management system, and to highlight opportunities for improvements.

  • It is good to conduct risk assessment regularly, to ensure that control methods are adequate, achievable, effective, and that findings from risk assessments are communicated to everyone who is involved. – TUV SUD
  • With the following features, conduct your audit using WSH PEER!
External Party Routing
Compile & Send
Bulk Downloads
Download multiple document with ease
Track your checklists, forms & documents without hassle
System Audit Trail
Managed Data, no fouls

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yup! Our clients have used PEER for their ISO4500 audit!

Inspection is: Quality Compliance promoting safety Protection

How to conduct an inspection?

  • Speaking to workers and supervisors about their concerns.
  • Understanding the jobs and tasks at your workplace.
  • Identifying existing and potential hazards.
  • Determining the underlying causes of these hazards.
  • Monitoring and evaluating existing hazard controls (e.g., protective equipment, policies and procedures).
  • Recommending and implementing corrective action based on the inspection’s findings.

If you discover any safety or health risks, you should take action to promptly eliminate or reduce the chances of a workplace incident. – Ministry of Manpower