Workplace Safety Features

Permit To Work                ●          HSSE Inspection                

In order to protect not only our client’s potential profit loss due to workplace injuries and to ensure that workers return home safely to their loved ones, PEER is committed to a stringent and rigorous process of checking in order to ensure that all safety guidelines are followed thoroughly.


According to Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower statistics, a total of 16,371 cases of workplace injuries was recorded in 2020. An astonishing amount of $24.59 Million and $74.65 Million was incurred for Medical wages and Permanent incapacity/Death compensation respectively.


Permit To Work

PTW Checklists ensures that no work can be carried out without proper prerequisites, approved procedures, equipment checks and through the proper vetting personnels.
PTW Checklist, Safety

The first line of defence from workplace injuries begin in the application of PTW. PEER’s PTW requires prerequisites to be submitted, assessed AND approved before any further process can continue. The prerequisites include Letter Of Appointment (LOA), Risk Assessment (RA) and Safe Work Procedure (SWP).


After a thorough vetting of the main prerequisites, applicants will require the submission of any work dependent prerequisites before daily checklists and toolbox meeting can be carry on


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 HSSE Inspection


HSSE Inspection allows inspectors to carry out a consistent and detailed inspection of not only the project site, but also the documentations of the projects.

The HSSE Inspection module then allows project inspectors to begin a consistent check of the project site or project documents. Inspectors will fill in information such as locations, responsible individuals, type of findings, compliance status, category, personnel involved and descriptions of activities.

After the process of identifying the issue, the inspector will proceed to include the severity of the actions, recommended corrective action and the dues for such actions. The responsible personnel will be notified through PEER to rectify until compliance is achieved

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