E-Permit to Work (E-PTW) in Workplace Safety & Health Systems

E-Permit to Work Is Safer Cost saving Faster

What is E-Permit To Work?

PTW System is an integral part of a safe system of work and can assist in the management of work activities, including non-routine work. PTW is an important element of an effective safety and health management system. It is a formal authorisation system used in an organisation to control selected work activities to ensure safe execution of work onsite.  

PTW system is widely used in various industries, including the Oil, Petrochemical, Energy and Chemical (OPEC) Cluster. This system allows Occupiers, PTW Authority and PTW Users to communicate hazards involved in the work activities to enable safe execution of onsite – Ministry Of Manpower

Permit to Work Details

Essential details to ensure clarity & prevent work clashes
Customisable PTW Status
PTW Location
Limitation of PTW Duration
Type of Work


Ensuring safety through accountability & compliances
Digitised Checklist & Document Attachments
Custom Pre-requisites (LOA, RA, SWP & More!)
Daily Toolbox Meeting
Asset Details


Connecting stakeholders at offices & on-sites
Customised workflow process for routing of checklists to PICs
Customisable Assessment & Approval Tiering


Clarity through images & graphics
Work Progress Photo with timestamps
Calendar view for project progress tracking

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You are able to select which personnel will the forms/checklist be routed to

Definitely! Currently our users conduct a 2 tier approval process. However, PEER can have as many levels of approval as you wish!

Definitely! Each forms/checklist have their own physical copy’s preview within the system as well! We are able to customize the preview to your preference!

Images taken whilst in PEER will be timestamped and saved onto PEER, ensuring that the image is authentic!